Why electronic signature?

For greater security, ease, and customer acceptance You have choices when it comes to choosing the method of capturing paperless approvals, authorizations, acknowledgments, and commitments. Choosing electronic handwritten signatures has clear advantages over other methods.

Going paperless is not an easy task. Rarely do you have the luxury of specifying and deploying entirely new customer-facing systems from end-to-end. You will likely need to integrate new applications or functionality into existing systems. This requires diligence in researching your options and careful planning. Once your organization has determined that you want the benefits of a paperless process, the next step is to choose a method of collecting both authorizations and declarations of intent

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About eTop Solution

eTOP Solution is a leading provider, supplier, distributor of IT security products, services and e-business solutions. We have a well established presence in services for Digital Signatures, Visual Identification Technologies, Authentication and Access control. Experienced in implementing high quality solutions along with the finest brands we have been securing identities of our customers throughout middle-east and worldwide. eTOP boasts a broad product portfolio from an ID card printer to huge integrated access control and time and attendance systems making it one stop for all your needs, providing all in one packaged solution.