Signature PAD - STU 300

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As the necessity of the electronic signature pads is growing, many new companies are entering in the market with their patent solutions. It is another fact that only a few companies comply with the standards set by global electronic signature regulations. Wacom complies all the standards set by global bodies and that’s why its products like STU-300 LCD signature pad are in huge demands nowadays. It is quite important for a signature pad to review the signature before it is used on a legal document. The signer must check and approve use of his or her sign on any contract or a document of business deal. The Wacom STU-300 LCD Signature Tablet allows you to sign, edit and resign the signature before you provide it for legal uses.

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Features and other specifications:

STU-300 LCD signature pad has 4 inch monochrome transreflactive display that offers better visibility of the sign in all types’ lighting situations. You can trust on this device, if you are a salesperson and delivering the products during the day time. Its compact design and small size makes it an easy to carry signature pad. You can put it in your pocket and carry it anywhere you want. The STU-300 signature tablet is available with a cordless pen that provides 512 levels of pressure sensitivity. Capturing the real signatures of the clients, business partners and students becomes a fairly simple task, when you use a high-tech pad like STU 300.

Just like you protect the display of your smartphones and tabs by applying tempered glass, the Wacom Signature Tablet STU-300 is also equipped with hardened glass display. It protects the signature pad against unexpected shocks and physical impacts. This is an easy to carry and very durable device with a number of appealing features.

Why to buy it at eTop Solution?

Of course, eTop Solution is not the only agency that sells Signature Pad Wacom STU-300. You can search online and find a number of suppliers across the world, but we are the leading supplier of Wacom products in UAE. Whether you live in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai or any other city of UAE, contact us and get a high-quality signature pad at your home. We assure you for the same day delivery of the products in many leading cities of UAE. We inform the buyers about all the features of endorsed devices, so that they can better decide about the purchase of product. You can check our product list and get a number of choices in Wacom’s signature pads.

  • STU-300 features and benefits
  • 4" monochrome, transreflective LCD provides easy viewing in all lighting conditions
  • Small, compact design for easy transport and efficient use of counter space
  • Wacom's patented cordless, battery-free pen with 512 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Hardened glass protects the LCD and is highly scratch resistant
  • Captures legally-binding electronic handwritten signatures
  • Data encryption is available as an option
With its compact and robust design, the Wacom STU-300 LCD signature pad is ideal use in the field or on counters where space is limited. Insurance agents and field service professionals appreciate its small size and on-board pen holder. Their customers can quickly and safely sign contracts, authorize payments and confirm deliveries – all without paper documents. It is also a great choice for customer-facing counter and desktop applications where only the signature is needed to be captured. If your signature software presents your customer with disclaimer text or excerpts from the document to read, then our larger signature pads would be a better choice. A tether is included to prevent pen theft or loss.

Product Dimensions 156 x 127 x 17 mm
Communication Interface USB
Power Supply via USB
Security Lock Slot No
Warranty 1 year
Screen Type F-STN, monochrome, reflective
Screen Size 4.12" diagonal
Screen Dimensions 102 x 27 mm
Native Resolution 396 x 100
Reading Method Electromagnetic resonance (EMR)
Pen Pressure Levels 512
Sensor Resolution 2540 lpi
Coordinate Accuracy ± 0.5 mm (center)
Battery-free Pen Yes
Cordless Pen Yes
Report Rate 200 pps
Development Environments C++, .Net, and Java SDK/API available for developers

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